Introvert Raising an Extrovert

Starting my day with the 4-year-old:

N: [Morning wakeup call, 3 inches from my face]….
SURPRISE!! Good MORNING, Mommy! Were you so surprised? Huh, were you?

Me: Ugh.

N: Yes? Did you say yes? What did you say? I can’t hear you. You said “yes,” right?

Me: Yes.

N: Great. Scooch over, I need covers, I’m cold.

Me: Because you’re only wearing underpants.

N: Clothes make me itch. Lift up your head, I need that pillow. It’s my favorite. Did you have a lovely sleep? I did. Let me tell you all of my dreams.
Can I wake baby June up? I want to squeeze her and talk to her.

Me: No. She’s sleeping.

N: I think she wants to get up though. She loves me. I think I hear her… I did! She said “Kevin”! You just missed it. She definitely said it though. Call Daddy. Tell him to come home. June really wants to talk to him.

Me: She can’t say “Kevin.”

N: I think she said it in Spanish. Or maybe it was Pork-a-jeez. Mommy. MOMMY. Wake up your eyes. I can’t see them.

Me: Child. Stop touching my face. Please.

N: I’m snuggling your face. I love it so much. Mommy, turn back around. I don’t want to snuggle your back. It is NOT beautiful. Turn over. Please. Can you? Can you turn over? Can you turn over now? Right now?

Me: Okay. But don’t snuggle my face so hard.

N: I won’t. I’ll just kiss it. You love when I do that. …Mommy. I don’t like your air.

Me: Well. Your air isn’t the greatest either. Maybe we shouldn’t smooch until we’ve both brushed our teeth.

N: I’ll just snuggle your legs. They smell lovely. Why are they so sprinkly? They itch me when I rub them up like this. But not when rub them down like this. Mine don’t do that. Are Daddy’s legs sprinkly or just his face? Did you call him yet? Call him. I want to snuggle him and tell him June said “Kevin” in Spanish. Mommy. WAKE UP YOUR EYES.

….This was just the first 10 minutes.

It took me having children to realize that I did not even KNOW MYSELF. For example, I did not fully understand the depths of my own personality, until I had a kid whose love language is so much touching and so much talking. Then I realized mine must be the opposite of all those things.

It’s funny (also not funny) how God clearly gave me each of my kids to stretch me in very different and specific ways. It’s so not subtle.

Like just in case I started thinking I could somehow find peace and quietness of my soul apart from him, he gifts me with offspring that ensures that could never happen. Ever. Yet as much as these tiny people (who seem to be genetically comprised of the hardest parts of each of us), drive me to my knees praying for quiet moments to make thoughts inside of my head and a personal force field that restricts being groped for five minutes…..I am utterly in awe of them.

They struggle with things just like I do, but they also have all of these strengths I just don’t have. I’m in love with that fact that while Nora overstimulates me liked nobody’s business, she can be so tender and sense when I truly do need a hug. She has no problem speaking her mind. She could not be more confident. People energize her. It is virtually impossible for someone to make her do something she doesn’t want to do. She is a leader.

Dear Lord, please help me pray far less for peace and quiet, and far more for this dear child’s future husband…

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